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Zomberry--Best Syrups
Something's new here recently and it's made us believe that our Flavor Factory has taken on new meaning. We've been working overtime developing and mixing new flavors like Vaniple and Ghee.

While playing 'Mad Scientist' late one evening, we surprised ourselves with a delightfully aromatic and tasty creation we're calling BB's and Cream; an intense and lavish blueberry flavor coupled with the subtly sweet tones of vanilla cream. 

Being caught up in the triumph of our newest formulation, we called it a night and headed off to enjoy long the weekend. Returning the following week, we realized that in our haste, we'd forgotten to tidy up - leaving bits of flavor about in the flavor lab. And that wasn't all, something else had gone awry .. 

Amid the smatterings of flavors was another new creature. Unlike the rest, this one appeared to be assembled; resembling something like Dr. Frankenstein's creation and bearing the same rich Blueberry scent as our BB's and Cream. Uncertain of how he came to be, we've named him simply Zomberry - part zombie, part berry, and totally delicious!

Artist Seth Meierotto of has captured Zomberry's essence in his rendering and has presented it here for us to share. Proudly support #TEAMYME Team Wears by showing off Zomberry in your favorite color and style today. 

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